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Our Mission

CollabKit’s mission is to empower everyone in the world to teach, learn and create with freely available collaborative tools and openly licensed content.

Our Values

  • Free access
    Every child deserves a quality education no matter where they live or how much money they have.
  • Personal interaction
    Education must be more than remembering facts and ticking boxes.
  • Teacher support
    Teachers need ways to create, learn and teach material and assess their student’s progress.
  • Quality of experience
    Students need learning experiences that are personalized, interactive and fun.
  • Parental involvement
    Parents need ways to be involved in their child’s education.

Our Strategy

Scalability and Technology

Technology scales resources. The reach of the Internet gives people global access to information. They can collaborate across distances, borders and time zones. Teachers can reach more students in less time. Assessment can be more efficient and accurate. Students can have personalized learning experiences. Parents can be more involved. Learning materials can be made available to everyone for free.

Quality and Community

What technology doesn’t do is improve the quality of resources. A digital textbook has the same educational value as a printed textbook. However, technology can support a community of dedicated contributors by allowing them to communicate and work together in real-time. They can create and improve upon content under an open license. The content can be redistributed and reused without paying royalties. Resources can be contributed by individuals, educational projects and institutions.

Personalization and Learning

Every student, teacher and parent is unique. A person’s background, talents and interests play an important role in what they are ready to learn, when and how. Matching students with teachers and peers based on what they have in common can have a profound impact on comprehension, engagement and satisfaction. Allowing students to learn in ways that  are meaningful to them can inspire them to achieve more.

Collaboration and Communication

A student’s ability to work together with others and communicate effectively is a critical part of their education. Learning must not take place in isolation to be meaningful and effective. Convenient and safe forms of communication between students, teachers and parents can keep students on track, parents informed, and increase a teacher’s capacity for one-on-one instruction.

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